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Counseling for Over-shopping and Over-spending

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Included in the training/cerification fee are the following:

  • Mr. Shulman's 4 books "Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery," "Biting The Hand That Feeds: The Employee Theft Epidemic... New Perspectives, New Solutions", "Bought Out and $pent! Recovery from Compulsive $hopping and $pending," and "Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls: Compulsive Stealing, Spending and Hoarding."

  • A cerificate of completion for the training/certification dated and signed by Mr. Shulman.

  • Inclusion of your name and contact info on Mr. Shulman's resource website page.

  • Referrals to you from prospective clients in your area who contact Mr. Shulman.

  • Continued free access to Mr. Shulman by e-mail or phone for short follow-up questions post-completion of the training/certification.

Counselor/Therapist Training/Certification in the Assessment and Treatment of Compulsive Theft, Spending and/or Hoarding

Mr. Shulman, a certified licensed social worker and certified addictions therapist since 1997, offers training and certification for the assessment and treatment of compulsive stealing (especially shoplifting and employee theft), compulsive shopping/spending/buying, and/or hoarding disorders.

To be trained and certified in all these disorders, Mr. Shulman offers the following program:

Ten 1-hour weekly sessions (in person, by phone or via Skype)--conducted one-on-one with Mr. Shulman himself. Dates and times to be negotiated between Mr. Shulman and the trainee.

Please also note, if you wish to be trained/certified in only one of the areas of speciality listed above, Mr. Shulman offers three 1-hour weekly sessions--as outlined above--one free book on the chosen area of specialty, and the same benefits listed above.

Further, if you are interested in joining other counselors/therapists in a group training/certification to reduce costs/fees, please secure a group of 2-5 therapists.

Please contact Mr. Shulman today to discuss options.

Be on the cutting edge of learning about and treating these undertreated and growing disorders!

Counselor/Therapist Training/Certification
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Shopaholics Anonymous
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Shopaholics Hoarding Disorders Employee Theft