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Expert Media Interviewee:

  • Since 1992, Mr. Shulman has been interviewed on over 100 television programs, 100 radio programs, and in over 100 newspaper/magazine articles on the topics of compulsive theft, spending and hoarding.

Seminar Leader/Facilitator/Trainer:

  • Mr. Shulman has organized and/or presented at numerous and various conferences or seminars across the U.S. on compulsive theft, spending and hoarding as well as other topics.

Research and writing:

  • Mr. Shulman has written extensively and developed or assisted in research on compulsive theft, spending and hoarding.


In addition to his primary vocation as a licensed certified social worker, addictions therapist and author, Mr. Shulman also offers the following professional services:

Overshopping and overspending
Mr. Shulman has acted as a consultant for:
Radio Shack
LA District Attorney's Office
Recipient Rights Officers Association of MI

Mr. Shulman has appeared on the following television shows:
Prime Time
The Early Show

Mr. Shulman has given expert testimony in:

The Detroit Free Press
The Chicago Sun Times
Wall Street Journal

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  • Mr. Shulman has been a licensed Michigan attorney since 1992, specializing in criminal defense and mental health law. He is available for Michigan-based legal representation.

Expert Testimony:

  • Mr. Shulman is available for hired expert psychological testimony in legal matters involving theft or overshopping-related crimes.

Corporate Consultant:

  • Mr. Shulman offers unique insights and strategies to all types and sizes of companies and organizations interested in detering and preventing dishonesty in the workplace as well as promoting cohesiveness and loyalty.
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